शुक्रवार, 1 अक्तूबर 2010

Faith Prevails…

- Dr Pravin Togadia

Read the following few lines from the Ram Janmabhoomi judgement that was delivered on September 30, 2010 on Thursday Saptami tithi. It was Guru’s day, Dharma Day – Thursday & Saptami – 7 is a number of Surya – the Sun! Bhagwan Ram is a Suryavamsh Bhagwan! Divine powers had to reign in & so they did! Read a few lines here from the judgement & all will feel the power of faith & spiritual divinity:

‘A place of Birth, that is Ram Janmabhoomi, is a juristic PERSON. The deity also attained the divinity like Agni, Vaayu, Kedaarnath. ‘Sthaan’ (this is the very Samskrit word used in the judgement & not an English word like ;place’ or ;area’ for Bhagwan Ram’s birth place!) is personified by a SPIRIT OF DIVINE worshipped as the BIRTHPLACE OF LORD RAM LALLA OR LORD RAM as a child. SPIRIT OF DIVINE EVER REMAINS PRESENT EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES FOR anyone to invoke at any shape or form in accordance with his own aspirations & it can be SHAPELESS & FORMLESS also.”

4,00,000 Hindus gave their lives for this Ram Janmabhoomi from past 450 years. It was their utmost faith that made them strive for a grand temple at the place where their faith knew that Bhagwan Ram was born. Much before 1400 centuries, Hindus worshipped that very place as Bhagwan Ram’s birthplace & now that very place – ‘STHAAN’ as the Honourable High Court mentions it – has been restored to Bhagwan Ram! It is obviously a glorious victory of the eternal Hindu faith.

What’s important is that all 3 honourable judges of the honourable High Court accepted that the very place that Hindus have been worshipping as Bhagwan Ram’s Janmabhoomi truly belongs to Bhagwan Ram! Not just the deity named Bhagwan Ram, but the place itself is also a deity personified – this means, whether there was any physical idol at that very place for sometime or not, that Bhoomi still is a deity by itself! This automatically rubbishes the tantrums by many that so & so kept Ram Lalla idols at that place on so & so date & before that there was no Ram there! Whether there was any idol there or not for sometime when Babar built an obnoxious structure there & after that for some time, does not matter when it comes to the Bhoomi that is a personified as a deity named Bhagwan Ram! This is a landmark point & judgement for Hindus because the Hindu faith that everyday morning while waking up does namaskaar to the Dharani Mata & apologizes for touching Her by feet, has been vindicated today.

Sthaan importance being accepted by this landmark judgement is a milestone in Bharat’s judicial & religious history. It has upheld Bharat’s ancient faith as a prime basis & respected Hindu customs & faith (which, by one of the Honourable Supreme Court judgements is also a law by itself!). It is not just mere rhetoric; it is Bhagwan Ram’s, Bhagwan Hanuman’s & Bhagwan Surya’s divine intervention for Hindus who have been suppressed for being a majority in their own land! So, now wherever there is any worship Sthaan of Hindus – with or without any physical idol (shapeless, formless) but which is being worshipped by Hindus, it belongs to Hindus.

All three judges also emphasized that Bhagwan Ram’s idols will remain where they are & their worship will continue. Simultaneously, Sunni Waqf Board plea that it had been a land of a mosque has been summarily rejected. Those who sit in AC studios & travel in AC cars must now at once stop advising & criticizing Hindus about their faith. This faith by itself has been respectfully upheld by the honourable HC. Whether faith is a matter of Judiciary or not is a topic for another debate; but at this stage, Bhagwan Ram seems to coming back from His long drawn Vanvaas which was forced on to Him by none other that those who attacked & encroached His Sthaan & also by those who raised their high eyebrows all the time against Hindus & sermoned them about secularism while themselves throwing Iftar parties & sending chaddars to durgahs!

This judgement is also the lesson for those who tom tom that educated ‘India’ (they feel ashamed to call their own nation in their own language as Bharat, Hindustan etc!) wants development & not Ram; Roti & not Ram! They always dramatized as if Bhagwan Ram was against development & all people in His raajya died of hunger! (by the way, while there was this landmark Ram Janmabhoomi verdict on, another news was flashing on the channels that projected millions of Hindus as stupid, mad, those taking nation back. The news was the food inflation rate was 15.46% last month & it has risen sharply to 16.44%. They degraded Ram as anti development & anti Roti & they made roti for common Indian a distant dream! So this judgement is also a stark lesson for all those who for own political, social or economic reason kept on projecting Hindu demand for Ram Temple at Ram Janmabhoomi as anti development; anti Roti! At least half of those secular Toms could be much less educated & experience that the honourable judges who unanimously declared that the sthaan belongs to Ram Lalla & it was His Janmabhoomi!

Now, to move forward from here, all Hindus all over the world should democratically unite behind Ram Lalla & His Janma Sthaan & come ahead to build a grand temple for Bhagwan Ram. It is not a matter that ends with 110 X 90 feet land; it is matter of the glorious Hindu faith that is upheld by the honourable HC.
Bhagwan Ram, according to one of the interpretations of it, was never away from that Sthaan; His omnipotent presence has always been there which itself got 4,00,000 Hindus give away their precious lives – like Kothari brothers. Their old mother is craving to see a grand Bhagwan Ram temple there; Mahant Ramchandra Paramhansji never spoke anything other that a grand temple at Bhagwan Ram’s Janmabhoomi! Now is the prime duty of all Hindus that taking care of as many legal aspects as possible, build a grand temple at Bhagwan Ram’s birthplace. If still there are any hurdles in this process, then the government & all people in all political parties should come together & pass the act for it & get a grand glorious Ram temple built at His janma STHAAN – which is also a deity personified! Hindus should be peacefully able to pray there without any shrill noises around from any other structures & the Hon. Sadhu Sants should be able to do their jaap, tap there in the presence of this eternal ‘SPIRITUAL DIVINITY’ which ever remains present everywhere at all times – as the Hon. HC has so aptly said!

The writer is a renowned Cancer Surgeon & International Secretary General of VHP. He can be contacted on drtogadia@gmail.com

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