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Launcing of Website of HSS and Sri Gurudakshina
Celebrated at Triolet, Mehashwarnath Mandir, Mauritius
( Dated : 27-Dec-2009)

Website was Launched by Swami Poornanand Ji, Organized by HSS Mauritius. The function was presided over by Sri Raghunath Deealji, Sanghchalak Mauritius and the chief speaker was Sri Prabhu Narain Srivastava(Prabhuji), Sah Prant Sangh Chalak, Avadh Prant, U.P., Rtd Chief Engineer and All Inda Organizing Secretary of Mahamana Malaviya Mission, India.

The website was launched in the presence of nearly hundred citizens of Mauritius. On this occasion Prabhuji highlighted the three Global problems .i.e. Global Terrorism, Global Recession and Global Warming. The entire world is engaged in resolving these subtle challenges mankind is ever facing. Hindu Dharam, since time immemorial has advocated life vision which addresses these problems in its entirety. It is because of this that the Hinduism has survived since thousands of centuries. The inclusiveness of Hinduism has the remedy of all these global problems. The mother earth should be milked not bled to satisfy the unending material desires of the mankind, which has resulted into global warming and global recession. The global terrorism is also the outcome of the life vision of exclusivist, who propagates their religion through violence. Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta and other Hindu Scriptures have been awakening the ill effects of Global Terrorism, Recession and Warming since beginning. It is a matter of satisfaction that mankind has at least started to recognize the efficacy of Hindu philosophy to bring about world piece and sustainable eco-friendly development, the testimony to which is the recitation of Vedic Richas in the Parliament of USA. It is a matter of pride that Mauritius has shown the path of cultural expansion for peace and brotherhood by Harmonizing French, English, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Creol languages. Besides this the foundation of Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling, Gangal Talao( Grand Bassin) Mauritius is a step forward to expand its cultural identity across the world. Prabhuji requested all the Hindu saints of India to give the recognition to this Trayodash Maurisheshwar Nath Jyotirling.

After the speech of Prabhuji Swami Poornanand Blessed the HSS for expanding its work in Mauritius. The sanghchalak of Mauritius Sri Raghunath Deealji elaborated the importance of Gurupooja and Bhagwa Dhwaj. All the swayamsevaks offered their oblations and the program was concluded by prarthana.

By- Pragya Srivastava

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